Mail, contacts, calendars and files. Shared.

Hosted Exchange is more than just email, it’s a powerful collaboration tool. You can manage contacts, calendars, tasks and email whether you are at your desk or on the go. Because it’s hosted in the cloud, you lose the pain of managing servers and gain the benefits of backups and data security. Hosted Exchange for your business increases staff productivity and drives costs down.



Premium (Most Popular)

$695monthly / per mailbox (billed yearly)
  • 50GB mailbox size
  • Outlook Anywhere Access
  • Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  • Mobile Device Access
  • ActiveSync

Basic (Office Hardware Mailbox)

$350monthly / per mailbox
  • 1GB mailbox size
  • Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  • POP
  • Perfect for the office Printer/Scanner


Example Scenario

Here is an example scenario – A small business with only two employees (husband and wife). This small business also has a professional photocopier with scan to email functionality:

Employee 1: Linda Smith
Email address:
Email Alias:
Email Alias:
Email Box Size: 2000mb
Devices: Has a PC with Outlook 2013 and an iPhone
Cost per month: $6.95

Employee 2: Bob Smith
Email address:
Email Alias:
Email Box Size: 5000mb
Devices: Has a PC with Outlook 2013, a Laptop with Outlook 2010 and a Windows Mobile phone
Cost per month: $6.95

Photocopier / Scaner
Email address:
Email Alias:
Email Box Size: 500mb
Cost per month: $2.50
Cost: Includes setup and phone support to get their PC and mobile phones and photocopier setup and working: $16.40 per month

Optional Migration: We can also help migrate existing email history and contacts – Upfront cost of only $29.95 per email account.


Please see our Managed Exchange Frequently Asked Questions.