myshophosting.com does not provide any SEO service or service recommendations. We have recommended SEO companies in the past however based on customer feedback we no longer do. We urge caution when choosing an SEO provider – The industry is full of sharks. Be sure to talk to existing and past clients before making a commitment to an SEO company.


Please contact support for more information.

On your iPhone home screen tap “Settings”

2. Scroll down and tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”

3 Tap “Add Account”

4. Choose the second option “Microsoft Exchange”

5. Fill in the required fields,
“Email: yourname@yourdomain.com”
“Password: your password which would have been supplied to you when you signed up
“Description: A description for your exchange account, which shortly describes your exchange account.” – Tap “Next”

6. Wait for the account to be verified.

7. We recommend you switch OFF syncing of Contacts otherwise the exchange server will replace all the contacts in your phone with whats in your Outlook address book.

8. Tap “Save”.

8. You have now successfully completed setting up your exchange account. Go back to your home screen and tap the mail icon to start sending/receiving emails using your exchange account!

The cPanel is a powerful online maintenance interface for your hosting service.

The cPanel allows you to view your web site statistics, manage email accounts, forwards, auto responders and many other useful functions.

To Log in to the console visit http://www.yourdomainname.com/cpanel
If the above link does not work try: http://cpanel.yourdomainname.com/

You will be asked to supply a username and password for the cPanel.

The problem:

When people register a domain name they probably dont give a second thought to the email address and other details they provide at the time of registration. When a domain name is due for renewal the renewal notice is sent to the email address on record – which was supplied when the domain was registered. If the email address is no longer valid then the renewal will not be recieved and the domain will expire without the knowledge of the owner. The owner is then forced to renew the domain at whatever cost the registrar dictates and then has to wait for payment to go through before the domain becomes active again. During this time the website and email are completly non operational.

Our solution:

When you register a domain name through us or transfer your domain to us from another registrar we give you a personal guarantee that your domain will not expire without you knowing about it.

How we contact you:

We will try out hardest to get in contact with you before your domain name expires. The methods we use include the following..

  • Checking your web site for updated email and phone details and attempting contact that way.
  • Looking you up in the phone book.
  • Calling the general advertised number on your web site and asking to speak to you.

The above methods may all sound obvious but no other domain registrar (that we are aware of) goes to this effort to contact you. Can you risk your domain name being registered with anyone else? Transfer your domain to us today. Call us and we will help you throught the process. You will also get the advantage of being billed by a single company for your hosting and domain registrations!

Dedicated IP addresses are no longer required for things such as SSL certificates. If you would like a dedicated IP address we can add this to your hosting account for an extra $10.00 per month.

myshophosting specialises in providing hosting to online stores. As such we can host most types of shopping cart systems. Here is a small list of some of the carts we can host:

  • OpenCart
  • AbanteCart
  • osCommerce (not recommended)
  • x-cart
  • zen cart
  • ezimerchant Professional (obsolete)
  • Magento (Minimum plan: Large)
  • CRE Loaded
  • Joomla & Virtuemart
  • WordPress & Woocommerce (Minimum plan: Large)
  • mshShoppingCart

small_flag_of_australiamyshophosting’s servers are located in NSW Australia in the Australian Pacific Data Centres (APDC) Data Facility – only 5 minutes from the Sydney CBD.

We host on Premium Dell Servers with local RAID 10 SSD storage. Put simply, your site will be fast – All the time.

YES – myshophosting uses industry standard web servers.

We can host web sites based on the following technologies:

  • Standard HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Dream weaver
  • PHP
  • Sites with MY SQL database requirements
  • Zend optimised web sites
  • Perl – We can host your own Perl scripts

cpanel_logo php-logo linuxpen MYSQLL_1 Logo_Perl a_zendlogo APACHE_1

We cannot host these types of web sites:

  • ASP based sites
  • Microsoft SQL site



Any business that’s serious about making money from their web site needs to choose their shopping cart and web hosting provider with great care. Did you know that many of our competitors have gone out of business or into liquidation over the years leaving businesses stranded with non functioning websites?

myshophosting was started by Kerry Plowright – the inventor and former principal of ezimerchant principal and David Ferguson,  because they realised that on-line businesses needed reliable hosting backed up by top quality service.

Other hosting companies just don’t understand the needs of on-line merchants and their support staff don’t have the necessary knowledge to solve shopping cart related problems – often blaming the shopping cart for their own problems, leaving business stuck in between!

Help when you need it

Should you happen to have a problem or a question regarding your hosting service – For example setting up new email accounts, uploading your website, viewing your statistics etc etc – the myshophosting support team is just a phone call away. They are trained to answer all of these questions and more.

Essential features

Many hosting companies try to stuff as many features as possible into their offerings often confusing the user. myshophosting offers the features you need.

  • Australian based servers for ultra fast data transfer and reliability AND Australian based support. Check out our server status page for uptime results.
  • Server Side Spam control via Spam Assassin. Clients who host with myshophosting.com receive less Spam.
  • Full statistics packages – Which tell you everything you need to know about your customers visiting habits.
  • On-line site management through cPanel – With a touch of a button our on-line control panel allows you to set up email accounts, view statistics, park extra domains, create counters and more.
  • Web based email – You can check your email while on the road!
  • Flexible payment options – We accept all major credit cards including Diners Club and American Express as well as accepting Direct Deposit payments (Direct Deposit payments required 6 or 12 months in advance).
  • Good Neighborhood – We specialise in hosting small business web sites. We don’t host hackers, spammers, or illegal file sharing sites.


Uptime Report for myshophosting - Website: Last 30 days

myshophosting offers two SSL certificate options from GeoTrust…

Certificate Smart Seal Pricing
GeoTrust QuickSSL Certificate No $99.95 per year*
GeoTrust QuickSSL Certificate – Premium Certificate Yes $149.95 per year*

* Prices include Dedicated IP address

Which Certificate should I purchase?

We recommend the Premium Certificate as it includes the GeoTrust Seal which you can include on your website. With QuickSSL Premium, you get all of the features and benefits of QuickSSL and the GeoTrust Smart Seal. This prominently displayed GeoTrust QuickSSL Smart Seal guarantees online visitors they will receive the highest level of encryption possible. GeoTrust’s innovative seal assures online customers that credit card account numbers and other confidential information cannot be intercepted or altered.

Do I require a dedicated IP address?

Yes – All SSL secured sites require a dedicated IP address. Our prices include a dedicated IP address.

What do I do after signing up?

Once we receive your order we will complete the installation of your SSL certificate including migrating your website to its own dedicated IP address. We will notify you via email once the changes are complete.

What if I want to use a different provider for my SSL certificate?

If you wish to use another provider for your SSL certificate you will need us to upgrade your account to a dedicated IP address before you apply for the SSL certificate. Dedicated IP address accounts cost $5.00 per month on top of your regular hosting plan price.

How long does it take to get the SSL certificate installed?

Usually SSL certificates are issued in less than 30 min, however you should allow a full working day for us to migrate your account to a dedicated IP address and test the SSL installation.

What does the Smart Seal look like?

Here is an example of the GeoTrust Smart Seal…


What level of encryption do the certificates provide?

Both certificates provide True 128-bit SSL encryption and are compatible with 99% of all browsers.

We recommend you connect to your server using FTPS (Explicit) rather than standard FTP. Malware installed on Windows PC’s often look for and harvest FTP usernames and passwords which are normally sent insecurely over a network. By connecting securely using FTPS rather than FTP you can avoid having your FTP details compromised and then used by hackers to gain access to your website.

All myshophosting servers are configured to allow FTPS (Explicit) connections and we have tested connecting via three of the most popular FTP clients available. Cute FTP, Smart FTP and FileZilla.

You should only need to change a single setting in your FTP client to make your FTP connection secure.

CuteFTP Pro:

In the site manager, edit your site properties and goto the ‘Type’ tab and set the protocol type to the setting below…


Smart FTP:

If you have your site saved as a favourite edit its properties and set the protocol to the setting below…


Note: In the above screen shot the ‘Host’ setting should be set to: ftp.YOURDOMAINNAME.com.au

If your setting up a new connection, just select the protocol circled below…


Note: In the above screen shot the ‘Host’ setting should be set to: ftp.YOURDOMAINNAME.com.au



Note: In the above screen shot the ‘Host’ setting should be set to: ftp.YOURDOMAINNAME.com.au

myshophosting recommends you purchase both the .com and .com.au variant. This protects your name by preventing a sneaky competitor from registering a domain name the same as yours.

When picking a domain name for your web site, be sure to check the availability of the .com and the .com.au, when you find one your happy with, and has both variants available, you should register them both.

myshophosting now sells most types of domain names. If you would like to purchase a domain name or check to see if one is available please see our Domain Names page.

YES – myshophosting can host any type of domain name including but not limited to:





New Zealand:


If you have registered or transferred your domain name to us, we provide an online domain management system where you can change details such as Domain Contact information, Name Server’s and other domain related information. Please login here.

Yes – You will need a licensed copy of Microsoft Outlook 2007 or above. If you do not have a copy of Microsoft Outlook 2007 we can provide a licensed copy to each mailbox user. Please contact us to organise a copy.

Outlook can be purchased as part of Microsoft Office / Office 365 Subscriptions.

Yes! Exchange support is available on Macs in either Mac Mail or Outlook for Mac.

As of July 2015, Microsoft have officially released Office 2016 for Mac. We recommend users use Outlook 2016 for Mac.

You can obtain a copy of Microsoft Office (Compatible with PC or Mac) from the following link: https://products.office.com/en-au/business/compare-office-365-for-business-plans. We recommend the Office 365 Home plan which allows upto 5 users.

OWA is used to access e-mail, calendars, contacts, tasks, and other mailbox content when access to the Microsoft Outlook desktop application is unavailable. Microsoft provides Outlook Web Access as part of Exchange Server to allow users to connect remotely via a web browser. Some of the functionality in Outlook is also available in this web ‘look-alike’. The most important difference is that Microsoft Outlook allows users to work with e-mail, calendars, etc., even when a network connection is unavailable, whereas OWA requires a network connection to function. OWA can be used from Internet cafes and any other location that provides connectivity to the Web.

If you would like to connect to OWA, you can do so from any browser by navigating to http://webmail.myshophosting.com

The minimum version of Outlook we support is 2010. We reccommend you upgrade to Outlook 2013. If your a Mac user, Office 2016 has now been released and as it has been over 5 years since the last office release, its the only version we are supporting moving forward.

Although all your email, calendar, contacts task lists etc are stored and backed up in the cloud we reccommend that you create regular backups of your data. Creating a backup using Microsoft Outlook is easy.

1. From the File Menu select ‘Import and Export’…


2. Choose ‘Export to a File’ and click Next…

3. Choose ‘Personal Folder File (.pst)’ and click Next…


4. Select your Mailbox and tick ‘Include Subfolders’ then click Next…


5. Click Browse to select your backup destination…


6. Browse to your Desktop, then specify a backup file name and then click OK…


7. Click Finish…


8. Click OK to begin the backup…


9. You should now see the backup in progress…


10. When the backup has completed I recommend that you burn the backup.pst file to a blank DVD or copy it to a removable hard drive to prevent data-loss in the case of your main hard drive crashing.