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SSL Certificates

You have probably heard of 256-bit encryption, or seen the green address bar of an EV SSL certificate, and you’re wondering “Do I need an SSL certificate on my site?” Most online shoppers are very careful and want to know that their information is safe. Using an SSL certificate provides two important things:

  • Encryption of sensitive data like credit card numbers and personal information
  • Some assurance to your customers that you are trustworthy (the process of getting an SSL certificate can’t guarantee this, but it can make it more likely which is part of the reason why visitors have this perception)

These are very important benefits and, while not all websites require an SSL certificate, it is essential for certain types of sites. If your website collects personal or financial information you should have an SSL certificate installed on your website.

myshophosting offers two of the most popular SSL options…

$99.95 per year

GeoTrust QuickSSL Certificate

Our most popular SSL option. Includes the GEOTrust Seal.
$99.95 per year
$299.95 per year

GeoTrust True BusinessID - Extended Validation (EV Cert)

Trusted protection and assurance to your customers that your site is trustworthy and secure.
$299.95 per year

SSL Certificates

We recommend either the Trustwave QuickTrust SSL or the GeoTrust Quick SSL. Both are low cost and both include a Seal which you can include on your website. These certificates are also issued quickly, whereas the Extended Validation certificates are not issued until certain company validation detail are provided. Extended Validation certificates are intended to show the user more visibly the company to which they were issued. The technical aspects of the certificates themselves is combined with visual clues in the user interface of the application verifying them: the green bar and a visible name next to the location bar in the browser.
Since the introduction of CloudLinux 6 into our server farm (August 2015), websites no longer require a dedicated IP address to use SSL.
Once we receive your order we will complete the installation of your SSL certificate. We will notify you via email once the changes are complete.
You can supply and install your own SSL certificate (Medium Hosting Plan or above) using the SSL functions in your cPanel. Please note that we do not provide free email or phone support for 3rd Party SSL Certificates.
Usually Quick SSL certificates are issued in less than 30 min. Installation by us is carried out during business ours. Extended Validation Certificates require longer – and will depend on verification requirements. Allow at least a week.
Example of the GeoTrust Quick SSL Smart Seal:

Example of the GeoTrust Extended Validation Certificate Smart Seal:

Example of the Trustwave Seal:

Below is an example of an Extended Validation Certificate:


Note the Company Name displayed in green.

Below is an example of a Quick SSL Certificate:


Note: No company name displayed in the green area.

Both certificates provide upto 256-bit encryption with a 2048-bit root and are compatible with all modern browsers.