Where we were to where we are now – The nuts and bolts of our new website

Our old website was based on Joomla 1.5 – an outdated version of a popular Content Management System (CMS). In our experience, Joomla didn’t fulfill two basic requirements – easy to use and easy to update.

So when we navel-gazed at our website and decided to rebuild, it made sense to start with a good foundation of a more user friendly CMS. We already knew about WordPress – it’s hugely popular and many of our clients already host WordPress sites with us – so after doing some research and evaluation we decided to go with it.

Some predominate determining factors for WordPress included:

  • Ease of use
  • Automatic Updates
  • Availability of quality plugins
  • It’s FREE!!

The Challenges…

We build websites for clients all the time – it’s the nature of what we do! Yet the most difficult part of our job is obtaining a succinct brief from the client that gives us a detailed concept of the proposed site.

In the process of rebuilding our own site, we’ve discovered… It’s damn hard!

In fact, coming up with the nuts and bolts of our concept was the most difficult part of the building process! We had to get back to basics – what products and services do we offer? How do we best present those in an informative and appealing way?

If you’re in the market to get a new website built, we highly recommend first getting back to basics and writing a brief that is as detailed as possible, before you even start thinking about the technological and design components.

We’re all about keeping things as simple as possible, so we suggest following our easy three-step process to get a great brief together that will help us achieve your vision…

Step 1: Make a list of the pages you want included in your website
Step 2: Expand each page with your content– what you want to put on each page
Step 3: Headers and footers – design, navigation and aesthetic appeal

You can find out more about putting together a brief here in our special how-to guide.

Being armed with a strong and articulate brief will not only help us create your website vision, in a practical sense it will also assist in obtaining accurate quotes from designers so you know exactly what to expect.

Got a vision for a website? Make it a reality! We can work closely with you to produce a website that looks, reads and functions just the way you want it to be.

The Hosting Environment…

WordPress loves newer versions of PHP – In fact, you can get a serious boost to your site speed by running WordPress in PHP 5.6.

If you’re running WordPress on our hosting servers, make sure you’re running PHP 5.6. You can choose this version using the PHP Selector icon from within your cPanel.

The Future…

Our website will continue to be updated, especially with regular blog posts – so bookmark our page and keep checking back for the latest information on our products and services, industry news and practical tips and tricks on building a successful website.