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The new owners of needed a fresh design for their new business. myshophosting designed a simple theme that incorporated the supplied brand colours (red, black white) and the existing logo. We also created a mobile friendly design which makes browsing and purchasing from mobile devices a breeze.


We created the Dineachook website in collaboration with the client’s graphic designer using the BigCommerce ‘coffee’ theme. The designer’s artwork completely transformed the theme into a totally unique and visually exciting website that captures the eye immediately. The chicken feeders and drinkers supplier has a fully-functional ecommerce site with streamlined shopping and information pages.

SA Products


SAProducts imports South African products for Australian consumers. myshophosting was briefed to create a BigCommerce site. Using the client’s logo and colour scheme combined with the eWorld BigCommerce theme, we created an animalistic, safari-style background with an overlay of carousel images on the home page. The site is a fully functional eCommerce site containing product pages split into various categories, pages with necessary customer information such as Shipping & Returns, Payment & Privacy and Terms & Conditions, as well as pages for recipes, contact and about.

Soap it up


Soap It Up is an online store for boutique soaps, bath bombs, candles, moisturisers… you get the idea, they’re all about products that make customers feel luxurious. Committed to excellence in service delivery, Soap It Up required an easy-to-use yet comprehensive online shopping site. Their expansive range of products are broken into parent categories, with category banners as an added extra. The site is functional and simple for customers to navigate, add to cart and check out. myshophosting migrated data from a legacy ecommerce platform (ezimerchant v4) and we also custom-designed a template to suit the client’s requirements.

DVD Land


DVDLand is a big project – an online store with an enormous range of DVDs, Blu-Rays and games – in the vicinity of 36,000 products! Since it’s so big, myshophosting hosts the site on a dedicated server to ensure outstanding quality and performance. The site features extensive parent categories, a specials page, FAQs, blog, enewsletter and, of course, the shopping cart. We migrated the store’s data from a legacy ecommerce platform (ezimerchant v4) and designed a custom template to suit the client’s needs. In addition to the Shopping Cart product, myshophosting also supports DVDLand’s weekly marketing email through our email marketing platform.

Affordable Racing Parts


The Affordable Racing Parts website featured an existing logo, design and colour scheme that the client was happy with. myshophosting worked with the client to refine the existing designs to create an aesthetically exciting website from the moment a customer lands on the home page. We worked with the client to make a new chequered design for the background to suit the racing theme, created banners for the home page and vector logo redesign/redraw.

The Kit Bag


The Kit Bag has been in business since 1985 – long before online shopping! myshophosting undertook a data migration from a legacy ecommerce platform (ezimerchant v4) and designed a site to suit their needs. A full day’s training was provided for the client’s staff at their office and showroom in Perth to get everyone comfortable with using the site. It went live in 2010 and is still going strong, servicing their online presence just as much as their physical premises in Western Australia.

Country Brewer


myshophosting undertook a full custom theme design for the Country Brewer website, including a logo redesign. The rustic, country-themed style is well suited to this supplier of all things home crafted, from beer to cheese and sausages and everything in between. The online store is complementary to their range of physical shops, even providing downloads of instructions should they get misplaced!

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