“We have been impressed with David Ferguson and MyShopHosting ever since we were introduced to him over the phone by our computer technician. We had been having a terrible time with the old web hosting service. David is a no fuss/get it done guy. His is prices are more than reasonable. If we send him an email asking for help he answers very quickly, and has helped with issues that are not really related to webhosting. We have asked him for help with a few things that no other webhosting service would consider spending the time on. We are rather technically challenged with a lot of stuff and we are working well past the retirement age. David has jumped in and solved a few issues we had which were site related. He is very kind. He goes above and beyond the call of duty! I even suggested he should have charged double for the help he gave me this week.

We would highly recommend MyShopHosting to everyone who needs webhosting. I think he is one of the most clever people we have ever had the good luck to have on our side since we have been selling music over the internet – since 1998.”

Esther & Ed Wilson, wilsonpub.com.au


“Thank you so much myshophosting for making the setup of my website go so smoothly. As a new business this is the first time I have been through the process of setting up a website and David has done an awesome job in guiding me ( a not so technically savvy client) through the process. I simply sent a bunch of information about my business which David and his team them put together for me. It is great how easy it is to manage, update and make changes to the site myself using SiteForge. As a new business I found it very affordable. David is always quick to respond and ready to answer any of my questions. I would highly recommend Myshophosting and David, his professional manner and efficiency was truly appreciated. Thank you again”



To whom it may concern,
My name is Chris Konstandinou, the owner of Gear Campus Pty. Ltd, the Australian Authorised Distributor of SeaSucker products (www.seasucker.com.au). My site is hosted on Bigcommerce.
Five weeks ago I embarked on what I thought would be a relatively simple task of customizing my header with several logos highlighting my calls to action, payment options and a simple Christmas message.
After seeking help through various forums the task of placing the logos in specific locations and making them responsive became more and more difficult. I came to the realization that if I was going to finish this anytime soon I would need external help. At that point I decided to seek help from one of the Bigcommerce Partners.
I reached out to David at Big Aussie Templates. After a quick chat over the phone and the odd email exchange I decided to take a leap of faith and approved the scope of works provided by Big Aussie Templates. My original request was to make my logos responsive, tidy up my header and if possible make the changes re-usable for an upcoming project I already had in mind.
Within 48 hours what David and his team delivered simply exceeded my expectations. What they delivered was a new set of logos all them matching each other creating a level of cohesiveness I simply didn’t think of. My site is now responsive, looks very clean and sharp and the gaps I had everywhere are but a distant memory. For what I paid compared to the hours I invested prior to making this decision was insignificant. From a cost perspective the project was delivered as quoted.
If you are considering getting external help I would have no hesitation in recommending David and the team at Big Aussie Templates. I know who I will be engaging every time I consider making any sort of complex change to my website. Apart from the exceptional execution what I found most refreshing was David’s ability to understand my requirements from just a few short interactions. My only regret is I didn’t wake up to this sooner; it would have saved me many hours of frustration.
Thanks again to David and the team at Big Aussie Templates.


Dear David, We would like to thank you for your assistance in getting our security certificate set up for our website. Your help has made our job so much easier and is very much appreciated. Please accept the enclosed as a token of our thanks. Yours faithfully Meredith Masterman Aussie Magnets Co Pty Ltd.”




As the owner of a very successful online store, it is important that I have a shopping cart that is easy to use with features that help maximize sales and run the business efficiently.

I have been involved in online selling for many years now and until recently I ran my business in conjunction with software provided through another well known Australian shopping cart software company.

Earlier this year David introduced me to a new cart, this being his own branded
‘mshShoppingCart’ and I decided to give the cart he offered a go. I am glad I did and would now not look back.

The software that I was previously using did the job, but to put it simply was well and truly yesterday’s technology. Using it was time consuming in many ways and caused me a tremendous amount of stress due to the amount of work involved in admin and the effort that was needed to keep the website up to date.

Quite some time ago the developer made promises that they were working on a new updated version which was supposed to be fantastic and full of new features and improvements, promising that it was going to be available within weeks it turned out to be over a year. Once they finally made the release it was an absolute mess and on top was going to cost me a lot more each month to run.

So the time came and I said yes to try out David’s mshShoppingCart. I was very nervous at first as for years my website has been #1 on Google and other search engines for many major keywords. Our website has a huge amount of traffic coming through and quite a large turnover.
As the migration of our website to mshShoppingCart would mean a great deal of change I was very anxious about how things would turn out and if we would maintain or lose our top rankings on the search engines. Well a few months passed and we are still #1 for all of our major keywords. If you would like proof of this just go to www.google.com.au and type in these “MAJOR KEYWORDS” Fishing Tackle, Fishing Rods, Fishing Reels, Fishing Lures. These are only a few examples of the many major keywords we rank highly for and you should see that our website
www.fishingtackleshop.com.au is still on top after changing to

mshShoppingCart has so many features which since migrating has made my company so much more efficient! I get many orders daily. With the old cart we would need to manually type up invoices into our accounting software and it did not have the ability to copy and paste contents of the order, so we therefore had to go back and forth screens many times to enter the data that needed to be put into the invoice and it literally took hours each day to complete.

Now that my company is using mshShoppingCart it has cut the time spent doing admin tasks by around 80-90% as
mshShoppingCart has the ability to print invoices directly from the admin panel.
Now all that needs to be done for the way I run my particular company is enter the sale number – delivery method we used and sale total into our accounting software and print the
mshShoppingCart produced invoice to include for the customer.

With mshShoppingCart you can select real time credit card processing as one of the payment options which also saves a lot of time in administration.

One very important standout is that most of the real time gateways that
mshShoppingCart supports have the ability to incorporate 3D Secure (Verified by Visa / Mastercard SecureCode). If you are concerned about fraudulent orders I strongly recommend you to consider
mshShoppingCart for the ability to incorporate the 3D secure program into your website.

My company in the past has had a few charge backs where people used stolen credit cards to purchase goods from our store, so we lost the stock as well as all the funds from the sales. However, since I migrated to
mshShoppingCart and incorporated 3-D Secure into our website I feel more comfortable in knowing that we as a merchant now have an outstanding level of chargeback protection.

mshShoppingCart has increased our sales for many individual products as the program has the ability for you to add a YouTube clip directly into your product pages. Many of our suppliers have Teaser clips for their products that they have uploaded to YouTube. I have incorporated clips into our website with pleasing results.

Another feature that mshShoppingCart allows is the ability to easily add live chat script to the website through a third party service. I chose the program
‘Provide Support’ and we often get a few customers a day using this service which result in quite a few sales.

When a customer has asked for product assistance, given that we have been able to interact live with the customer they have then taken our advice and completed a sale there and then making this a very powerful and beneficial tool to have.

I love that mshShoppingCart has is the ability to automatically send the customer an email every time that the order status is updated. This has been greatly appreciated by our customer base. With our old cart this feature was not available and we would often get asked on a regular basis from our customers what their order status was.

What have our customers said?
I have received many emails from our customers congratulating us on the upgrade to our website and we have received much praise on how much better our website looks and how easy it is to use.

If you are serious about making money online and want shopping cart software that is easy to use and puts out a professional looking website coupled with helpful advice and assistance on a personal level with David then you definitely should consider
mshShoppingCart. Should you also be looking for a good quality hosting company for your website then
myshophosting is definitely the company to chose. I have been a customer of
myshophosting for quite a few years now and highly rate the quality of their servers, pricing and customer service.

Ben Czulowski
Fishing Aqua Pet Pty Ltd
Trading as Ocean Storm Fishing Tackle.


“Moving DVDLand.com.au to mshShoppingCart was a fantastic decision. David Ferguson has looked after us so well over the last 4 years. He makes regular proactive recommendations and also ensures we are at the cutting edge with our websites, hosting, email marketer and Microsoft Exchange for all our emails. He replies to every email the same working day.

The mshShoppingCart is an outstanding product. We now have it for all our stores. We initially started our first stores on ezimerchant. David made the transition across from ezimerchant to mshShoppingCart so easy and smooth and came up with some great designs. mshShoppingCart has some great features which we use on an hourly basis. We have recently discovered the Wish List and Ratings features upon David’s recommendations. Order processing time was cut in half and gave our customers a much more streamline process and improved perception of our great stores. Naturally this has lead to better sales, reduced man hours and provided our valued customers faster delivery of their orders.

Website management is now a breeze. The time taken to add hundreds of products a month to our websites has been slashed.

Being on the cutting edge, being able to get things done fast, effectively and efficiency is a must-have. We have complete confidence to rely on David Ferguson’s advice and to get things done fast. David ensures all our operations are integrated so ensure things are seamless.

We do not hesitate to continue to recommend David and myshophosting to anyone who wants a serious online presence and to provide their customers with a fantastic experience. Whether you are a one hand operator or a large firm, David can take care of all you online needs.”



I have been online for several years and had experienced and appreciated the fabulous support that David Offers. I was torn between two options and David gently guided me through all the fabulous new features that his shopping cart has. I put my trust in him and nervously agreed to go ahead.

Well I have to say that it has been a fabulous decision. The changeover was done with ease and now I am able to utilise all the fabulous new features. It was like moving house – it gave me an opportunity to clean up and I was so surprised how many things needed a polish up as I moved everything across. I have moved into this sparkling new cyber shop and am loving all the new swanky appliances.

Many of the things we did manually are now automated and it makes it so easy. It has cut down the time I spend in processing orders and I have very few queries as customers are able to gain access into their account and find all the answers that they need so easily. I love the new search engine facility and the way the software up sells and I am looking forward to utilising the many marketing features that the cart has – Fantastic.

I cannot thank David enough for all his support over the years – he was a support person with the company I used previously. I was so impressed with how helpful he was that I made him my Host. He then set up my Forum for me and now the new website. But there is more… I have now purchased the email marketer that integrates with the site. It is nearly half the price of the company I was using and again I can rely on David’s fabulous service.

I would have no hesitation at all in Proudly Recommending myshophosting.com for any of the services that David offers.


“After using another cart for over four years, I must admit that I was very cautious to change, but I wanted all of those fancy features that I was seeing on other carts. I did my research and decided on mshShoppingCart by myshophosting.com. The change over was to my surprise, much easier than I thought it would be. The flexibility of mshShoppingCart is truly nothing short of amazing. You can add variations to products, have flexible discount rules, prompt customers with suggested items in the cart, just to name a few. Another fantastic feature is the ability to set up accounts for regular customers and give them discounts. This feature is so great. When a customer logs into their account, all the prices site wide reflect their discounted prices automatically. You can even vary the amount of the discount for individual categories, or even a single product. The other thing that I was really worried about with changing carts was losing my existing search engine rankings, but with the amazing flexibility of being able to optimise meta tags, meta descriptions for individual products and with extremely search engine friendly URL’s that mshShoppingCart creates, after just a couple of short weeks, my Google rankings have all gone up. A lot of my keywords have now even moved to number 1.

In closing, the last but in no way the least point that I would like to mention, is the fact that the su