Due to the completion of a brand new data center in Pyrmont NSW by our primary provider, we will be required to relocate server msh03.myshophosting.com.

The Migration Process

We are doing everything possible to ensure that the relocation of the server will be completed as quickly as possible. Our experienced SysAdmins will supervise and manage the process end-to-end. There is a heavily planned procedure which consists of the following steps:

1 – Shutdown the server at our current data centre.
2 – Load the server into our security escorted transport vehicle
3 – Transport the server to our new facility in Prymont.
4 – Unload, plug in and start up the server
5 – Test to ensure services are back up and running.


1. Does my IP Address change? Does my DNS change? What is changing?

The only change that is being made to the server is its physical location. Your DNS, IP Addresses, software and configuration settings will remain the same.

2. When will this migration occur?

The migration of this server will begin on the 1st of February 2016. In terms of timing, the migration will take place during the off-peak hours of 10PM and 6AM.

3. How much downtime will there be?

This is something that we are working very hard to minimise. Expected downtime will be up to 4 hours.

4. Will this cost me anything?

No, the migration will be done free of charge and there will be no change to your ongoing costs.

5. What happens to my backups?

Your backups are stored in a separate data centre for geographic redundancy. Your backups will remain at this alternate facility.